Listed below are the staff members, past and present, that have dedicated hours writing, editing, promoting, and perfecting content on this platform.

Cassandra H. Poulos

As part of the Latham Science Engagement Initiative, Cassandra became the editor-in-chief of Stemosphere, building on the strong foundation laid by the science publication’s founder. She is currently pursuing a B.A. in Biology and hopes to attend Physician Assistant’s school in the future.

Steven Huang

Video Director
Steve is a junior undergraduate, pursuing a B.S in Human Physiology and Biochemistry. He is currently working in the Fuentes Lab. His current project focuses on characterizing the ligand-binding profile of a Staphylococcus Aureus chemoreceptor that is linked to toxin production. In his free time Steve is an avid gamer, and a martial artist. As the Video Director of Stemosphere, Steve aims to create a more immersive blogging experience through videos and vlogs.


George C. Murray

George created Stemosphere as part of a self-directed outreach project associated with the Latham Science Engagement Initiative. He graduated with a BS in Biology in May, 2016.